Is it normal i always get rejected in my dreams?

Whenever I dream about love, I always get rejected. I had a dream last night, even, that I confessed my love to someone, and they didn't feel the same. Then I had another dream about falling in love with someone, and they said they hated me (His specific reasoning was that I was nice to everyone, which apparently makes me a hussy.)
I don't think I've had a single dream where someone has felt the same way as me. I hate being rejected, so it's not any kind of fetish or enjoyment thing. I always wake up crushed and super bummed out.
Is this normal?

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  • Maybe you could try lucid dreaming that way you could control the dream to make it end well believe me it works and it’s amazing

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  • It’s actually normal but you should understand that it’s actually you rejecting yourself in the dreams because you’re the one controlling them.

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  • I don't really dream about falling in love.

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  • I don't know because I don't dream about love. Ever heard of sex?

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