Is it normal i always dream about the same guy

From age 6-15 I went to school with a guy and I am now late 20s and I havent seen him once since I was 15.
I never had a crush on him or anything like that. I was very neutral to him through all those school years.
My mom who is very intuitive used to claim he had a crush on me though. I highly doubt it. I was bullied at that school through those ages.
I cant remember that he was ever mean to me but we had interactions in school between ages 6-9 on and off but we were never friends. I didnt have any friends.
He frequently shows up in my dreams and it's always romantic dreams.
I find it pretty annoying since there is no explanation for it. I rememember very clearly which guys I did at various points have crushes on and they never show in my dreams.

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  • Why don’t you get back in touch with him. You know, like text him to meet up and catch up a little :)

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  • i think he likes you, why don't you ask him 'if he liked/likes u / not', if he says no[probably he would say no,even if he likes you], it may stop the continuous romantic series in your dreams, or else, this will be a spiritual message,

    asking him can only help you

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  • Normal but not common, you're sane and I know it, but the answer's staring you in the face, you should marry him, yes, that's how it comes across, your wet dreams mean you're eager to get married.

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