Is it normal i allow myself to be bullied

So I get bullied at work for being disabled but I don't do anything about it. And neither does anyone else because I've told my boss and her boss and the CEO but I've been told if I continue to make complaints I'll be sacked. This is my first job and getting another will be impossible so I let myself get bullied.
I've been physically and verbally assaulted and worse in the five years I've worked here and I fucking hate it but if I leave I'll be fucking homeless.
Guys what the fuck do I do, I don't want to go back tomorrow because they'll do it again and I don't think I can take it anymore. Last week I thought it had gotten better because Sue had given me a sandwich for lunch as I'd forgotten mine but she put peanuts in, knowing I was allergic from two months ago. Everyone laughed as I had an anaphylectic shock. They called an ambulance after a few minutes and I barely lived. I go back tomorrow and I really, REALLY need to leave but everyone around me will hate and despise me even more if I do.
Oh God guys Help

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  • Going by your story, something about your co-worker's actions has to be illegal; especially that willful cause of anaphylaxis!
    If you have any vacation/sick days, use them wisely and try to get another job. [You never know until you try. :) ]
    As far as your decision to stay or leave goes, your safety and well-being should be a top priority. Ask yourself what would be best.

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    • I did but the people who bully me get paid more than me and they pay the lawyers to go away.

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