Is it normal i’m white and i find it hilarious when black people say cracker?

Like one example is that cracker joke from Shrek 4. I don’t why but something about it makes me laugh.

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  • Thats racist. You have to be white to say cracker. If you're black you must refer to us as saltine.

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  • i useda work with this one black guy and id call him cracker hed call me nigga

    there was also a honduran & ecuadorian there whod call me kkk and id call em the latin kings

    that whole place was a big ole chappelle skit

    it was runnin jokes we all had but it was back in the day cause we knew eachother for years (or decades) & they were all good people

    motherfuckers heads would explode nowadays over that shit

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  • I have very rarely heard a black person call is that, but I always laugh and agree with them so far at any rate. I like cracker it amuses me.

    Like 80% of my coworkers are black. I fucking love it

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  • Is it bad my son and i call each other nigga?

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  • One time at my old job.. A female co worker went up to another co worker(a tall black make whoms my friend) and asked him if he wanted some cracker lovin from wtf girl. Dont be a woe he married

    Also I joke around though. Cracker makes me laugh

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  • Calling someone a cracker is highly racist, whinge whinge, cry cry
    ;0 lol. See white dudes don't care about being called bad words, wish others could be as mature.

    I find it funny too.

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  • Isnt it funny that you only get offended at white slang if you are yourself a white supremacist?

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