Is it normal i’m sick of the la niña weather pattern?

I’ve been finding this 3 year La Niña pattern to be quite annoying.

Normally I like how the atmospheric phenomena affects my location, but the past two winters have been underwhelming. We typically get buried with snow like, but these past two La Ninas have brought below average snowfall.

La Niña springs are famous for deadly tornado outbreaks: 1965, 1974, 1985, 1999 and 2011. But these past two springs have lacked in severe weather, with the exception of a period in 2021.

Another thing I hate is summer heat. Few people understand the main reason for the recent hot summer is the ongoing, worsening drought in the Southwest and Central Plains from La Niña which allows heat to build. You can’t really blame it on global warming directly. Go back to the 1990s and summers were cool in the United States (overall) due to record wetness in the south west and plains.

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  • Op discovers “La Niña pattern” and runs with it.

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  • That is one of La Nina’s influences for your area.

    During the 1998-1999 event Mt. Baker in Washington set the world record for most snow in one winter - 1124 inches or 93.8’.

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  • I saw the word tornado and now I'm excited. I'm off to watch some beautiful tornado destruction MUHAHAHAHA

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    • If you want to see some awesome footage watch “El Rino the last EF-5” on YouTube.

      To date that was the last EF-5 tornado to hit the U.S. which is the longest stretch in recorded history the states have not seen an ef-5.

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