Is it normal i’m obsessed with pirates of the caribbean?

Growing up these were my #1 favorite movies. Years later The Lord of the Rings would take that spot, but after having rewatched POTC recently I think they might be tied.

As a kid I had tons of toys for the franchise, including all the happy meal toys. I went on the official websites for the movies and learned how to talk like a Pirate. Even though my fandom died down after a while, these films had so much to offer that I still to this day find things to be interested in.

And while the films are fun, I never noticed how deep it could get at times. There’s tons of great quotes, just to name a few:

“The code is more what you would call guidelines than actual rules”

“Even a good decision made for the wrong reason can be a bad decision”

“The world’s the same, there’s just less in it.”

And of course “Why is the rum gone!”

I know these films aren’t perfect, part of the appeal for me is just how ridiculous they can get sometimes.

I’ll even go as far to say that they helped me growing up, as thoughts of Elizabeth Swann lead me to realize that I liked girls despite not liking them before.

Drink up me harteys yo ho!

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  • Yeah Pirates of the Caribbean is sick. I thought the voodoo priestess was hot and everyone gave me shit for it booooo

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  • I got a jar of dirt, I got a jar of dirt! XD

    I love the bitchslap POTC gives other pirate movies. I couldn't think of a better actor than Johnny Depp for the role of (captain) Jack Sparrow.

    PS: Keira Knightley is hot af.

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  • Both are great series' dude. Kind of sad how POTC ended up being massively milked, (like the Hobbit), but the first three were lit.

    Which is your favourite movie from LOTR and POTC?

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    • Hard to pick, but I’d probably say The Two Towers for LOTR if we’re talking extended editions (ironically I thought it was the weakest of the theatrical cuts).

      POTC, I feel a bit caught between COTBP and DMC. The first one is probably the most easily accessible, but the second one is such a fun experience.

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  • A good series to be obsessed with, learning it’s theme on piano was one of the proudest moments of my teen years. “The code is more what you would all guidelines” is the excuse I use when I ignore instructions.

    My dad keeps bees and for his birthday card a few years ago I drew three bees dressed as Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swan and Davey Jones with “Piartes of the Carri-bee-an” written on an ancient scroll underneath.

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  • All the movies but the last one are great. You wana see a really good pirate movie? Watch. the pirates. Such an amazing piece of cinema

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  • "Curse of the Black Pearl" is AMAZING!!!

    The sequels are shit though.

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  • This is irrelevant but I used to love Pirates of the Caribbean. When they had a POTC level in Kingdom Hearts I was so happy. XD

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  • I like them a lot too, didn’t like 4 and 5 as much tho

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  • Depps jack sparrow is in truth just a really silly Al jourgensen impression, not Keith Richards. He hung around with him in the 80s on occasion.

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  • I think I've only seen one and a handful of memes.
    Martha speaks is the show that raised me :D

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    best movie

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  • Have you ever played Pirates of the Caribbean Online? If so, Google search "TLOPO".

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