Is it normal i’m obsessed with grindhouse movies?

If you don’t know what those are, this is the best explanation I can give as I understand it: movies that are usually exploitation movies (most often horror of some kind) that were usually low budget and shown as double features, and were most prominent around the late 60s and early 70s. Around that time a lot of content was just starting to be allowed to be shown on screen, so these movies tended to be more graphic than a lot of movies that came before.

I haven’t actually seen too many of them, and I assume a lot of them aren’t really that good quality wise, but they still seem like they’d be interesting and entertaining to see. Especially the ones from the early 70s. It may be oddly specific but I’m interested in the Manson murders, and some of those movies took influence from them. There’s something I find interesting about seeing a movie that was influenced from a scary event like that that occurred not even that long before it came out, if that makes sense.

Hopefully there’s some theaters that still show these types of movies. Maybe someday I can make my own and give it that grainy early 70s look that I love so much!

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