Is it normal i’m irreligious but still get annoyed at this?

I’ll try to make this as comprehensible as I can, because when I’ve addressed this issue in the past I’ve suffered from miscommunication and people made assumptions and the responses just ended up adding to the problem.

First thing’s first, I’m not an atheist exactly. I said “irreligious” for a reason. I’m more agnostic if anything, but I come from a Christian background. And back then I had heard a belief that everyone deep down knows that God is real and that that was reason people reacted so strongly to hearing his name.

When I was christian this was a satisfactory explanation for any moments where I may have had people make fun of me for what I believed and any time I saw an anti religious opinion be the most popular.

But since deconverting it’s actually become more confusing. I understand in situations where someone may be using their religion in an aggressive way or trying to justify something horrible through it, but sometimes someone will just use the word God casually and just get downvoted to shit and a bunch of replies mocking religion that get tons of upvotes, and even though I agree with them for the most part there’s just something about it that really upsets me and I don’t know why.

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  • Just be a good person and quit stressing.

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  • You must follow the agnostic code,

    We cannot know with certainty if God or Christ exists. They COULD.

    Then again there COULD be a giant reptilian bird in charge of everything.

    Can we be CERTAIN there isn't? NO, so it's pointless to talk about it.

    Unless of course you truly believe the devil put Hansbellosaurus’s here to trick us 🦖

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  • From a Traditionalist Catholic standpoint, what you used to believe, from what I can tell, is based off of a false interpretation of the verse:

    "And a man shal no more teach his neighbour, and a man his brother, ſaying: Know our Lord: for al shal know me from the leaſt of them euen to the greateſt, ſaith our Lord: becauſe I wil be propicious to their iniquitie, and their ſinne I wil remember no more."
    - Jeremie 31:34

    The problem with the interpretation that you believed is that that verse applies to believers near the end times, not atheists in the modern day, and any other verses are more about the evidentiality of the truth to believers over the rejection of the truth by unbelievers.

    The answer as to why they react in such a volatile manner, from a Traditionalist Catholic standpoint, is that they are so deceived by the Devil that they have gained a hatred for the truth, causing them to fight against it however they can.

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    • Catholicism is the devil's perversion of what God says. For example, the Vatican and all the evil nonsense that usually goes on there, the worshiping of the pope instead of Jesus and God, paying to get into heaven (no where in the bible does it say you have to pay to get into heaven), purgatory, etc.

      It's a VERY misleading religion.

      No hate by the way, I'm just trying to get you into heaven BRO

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      • They do not worship the Pope, paying to get into heaven was a corruption of the idea of generosity by some priests, and purgatory is real. The current Vatican is absolutely heretical and should be purged, though; I do agree about that one.

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  • I want to say that society changes isn't a thing to worry about. People have always been and will always be the same. Scientific inventations have never and will never substantially change nature. And therefore values shouldn't change. Conservative values win because they are based on the truth and realistic. Atheists/liberals are not superior as you can be deluded to think when young. Being Atheist adds value to no one. Your value will reduce starting from 26 as a female and 35 as a male (cause your body deteriorates and you become unattractive) whether you're an atheist or a believer. Humanic needs and the things that add value to people have always and will always be the same.

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