Is it normal hydraulic presses frighten me?

Hydraulic presses frighten me to the point even seeing the machine gives me anxiety. I can't even watch a video of one of them in action. The idea of intense pressure on an object being crushed in a vacuum with no escape is a horrific thought to me and a hydraulic press is used for exactly that. I just constantly have intrusive thoughts about having a part of my body stuck under there and not being able to escape. I don't know why I have such an intense fear of them, it was just born out of what they do, but it became such a big fear.

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  • I think we should all be afraid.

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  • I've never seen a hydraulic press used in a vacuum. Just in normal atmospheric pressure. I see no useful advantage of pressing parts together or forming metal in a vacuum.

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    • Yeah, I'm in a physics class right now and I think I was just throwing words around at that point. Space is a vacuum, but I didn't really need to point that out.

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      • You are correct that most of the volume of "space" is a vacuum, except where there are "spacial objects" like stars, planets, asteroids, etc.

        However, hydraulic presses are very effective at assembling tight fitting parts (and there are real reasons to make them tight fitting) and for metal forming.

        Forging is in fact I believe the oldest technology, and was started with rocks and various forms of clubs or hammers. Now often done with hydraulic presses.

        You are correct that they can crush a body part or an entire body. But, people have learned to make them as safe as possible to avoid accidents like that.

        Everything we do and every technology has risks...

        In your case it just might be best if you avoid becoming employed in a forging company or one the uses presses to assemble tight fitting parts.

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