Is it normal how can i become a billionaire with economics degree

I don't understand and don't know how to solve my problem

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  • Lol, not how that works...

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  • Buy low. Sell high. That is all.

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  • How to cook a cat with your coffee maker 
    After I posted this on the Swedish version of Coffee Machine Cuisine people got very upset. Some of the things they called me was idiot, cannibal (?) and they even said that I’m the reason for the low status that cats got in this society. I don’t get why people are so upset?! It’s no worse than eating a cow, pig or a chicken if you ask me. And hunting must be the most humane way to kill animals for food. 

    It all took place on a warm and sunny day when me and Dan were out at our cabin with all of our cats. Since we got so many cats I figured that I could shoot one of them so I released them into the woods and began the hunt. First I thought that the fat one, Gucci, would be an easy shot but she managed to escape surprisingly quickly. It was the sun that eventually was Iggy’s downfall. She is quite photophobic you see so she could hardly see where she was going. And BAM, easy shot for with your coffee maker 

    R.I.P. my little sweetheart. 
    5 hours 
    1 cat 
    ½ red onion 
    1 pimiento 
    1 clove of garlic 
    2 ½ dl coconut milk 
    2 ½ dl cream 
    2 tbsp meat extract 
    Juice of lime 
    Skin, fillet and chop the kitty cat. Start your coffee maker, grease the heater and place the pieces of your cat onto it. Fry it until they are cooked throughly and tender, it will take about an hour (it depends on what cut of meat you’re using and how fresh it is). Remove the meat and wipe the heater. 

    Chop all of the remaining ingredients that shall be chopped. Put a dollop of butter into the carafe, let it melt and then put the onion and the garlic in the carafe and fry it for about half an hour. Season with ginger. Add coconut milk, cream and meat extract and let it cook for two hours – it should get really warm. After that add the cat meat and wait a bit longer. Finally add pimiento pieces, lime juice and season generously with freshly ground black pepper and just a little salt. Turn off your coffee maker. 

    The best way to serve this delicious cat stew is accompanied by a glass of a tasty red wine and freshly baked bread.

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  • start small so do stocks or trading then start a business when you have enough

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  • Your only hope is to learn to sell. If you can do that well, then supplement your economics degree with some finance classes, and start a partnership to find potentially profitable mergers and acquisitions. You can write yourself into board directorships with equity compensation if you got your smooth act together. Like hypnotically smooth. Like too smooth for IIN.

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  • powerball

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  • Start your own firm (literally anything) and you might become a billionaire one day if you're wise and talented. Another option is to invest. It may pay you off in a long run.

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  • Economics degree doesn't sound like a good degree to me. Maybe you should major in something else like being a doctor or lawyer.

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