Is it normal he fucks guys that look like him when he was younger?

My dad is tired of my mom. That we know of, he has been living a straight life up until now, but ever since he's gotten bored of mom, he's been going down to the bay and scouting out guys coming off the boats that look like he did when he was their age. He has been sleeping with the, but he really claims that he's just teaching them to be men and is admiring their strength. What's just so damn weird is that all of them look like him or have the same characteristics he did at that age. IIN?

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  • Okay, I usually go along with whatever, but this story sounds fake. How do you know all this? Where is he finding all these dudes that look like him? Why do you sound like you've seen so many of them? Why is everyone on a boat gay?

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  • And your mom is just cool with him openly cheating?

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  • Not normal but understandable. He's having a midlife crisis and reliving his youth. What's not cool is that he's boldly cheating on your mother which must be hurting her a lot.

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  • What's not ok is cheating on your mom. If he realized who he is and they have an agreement - that is different.

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  • Wow

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