Is it normal girls nowadays need to transition to be special and anime

Back in the day it was enough to be an emokid or sum to be unique, nowadays the teen girls flat out transition into boys.
The one thing in common they all have appear to be anime. Anime boys tend to look rather feminine and this makes them believe they are boys. They often talk about wanting to wear dresses and shit as a boy too, because they can't as girls... MAKE !!IT!! MAKE!! SENSE!! Does that mean there's massive sexism among zoomers so that girls get laughed at if they are too feminine or something ? So they have to actually larp as boys to feel its okay and possibly even "cool" and "special" ? Also anime is not real. These kids need to actually step foot outside and not base their entire identity on fictional, animated characters. They are not "anime bois" and never will be. If it's not anime it's K-pop and yeah korean men are more fluid in their expression, lots of them look feminine in various ways. That's literally just a cultural difference or in many cases just an image to cater to the fans.

Imagine thinking you have to transition into a boy so that you can better pretend to be a korean male pop star and so that you can wear dresses without being called a basic, boring female. Society is seriously fucked. Every single female troon i've ever come across has been deeply obsessed with korean culture and also often frequently cosplay. Some kind of brainwashing programmed into those damn animes or sum ?!

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