Is it normal for your dreams to come true?

I dreamt that my parents were building a house that I designed with waterfalls and stuff. Then I woke up and remembered that, yes, they really are building me a house. is it normal for your dreams to come true when your family is wealthy? I can do almost anything that I can in my dreams.

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  • For the last 16 years, I have dreamed of getting laid. That has never come true.

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  • So you dreamt of something you already knew about.
    Ooooh spoooky.

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    • Stop giving people the idea that you are the one and ONLY Ratman. Granted you are my bitch you little fucking cockroach. But cease and desist now! (Actually I'm enjoying all of this homage you are paying to your "Massa")

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  • Its hardly "coming true" when its already happening when you go to sleep. But my dreams seem to have weird warnings. Especially lately. They arent spot on, but theres parallels between them and what ends up happening in real life for sure.

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