Is it normal for someone to send so many messages

A guy that I met on a dating website starting texting me for a few days. Today he sent me 8-4 long messages describing idea for dates. I finally agreed to meet him in a public park in the day time. I feel stressful everyone I hear my phone. Am I just overreacting?

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  • He needs to settle down.

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  • No thats not normal when you dont even know someone. Imagine how clingy he will be when you do know him when he is comfortable spamming someone he doesn't even know yet. I would've blocked.

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  • Eh he could just be a texting chatterbox. I used to do that to my gf. Than I eventually ran out of ideas. Probably he will too. I'm just a lot more clear when I write than when I speak.

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  • It's hard to say for sure. He could be just trying too hard, but if you feel like something isn't right, I'd listen to your gut feeling.

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