Is it normal for recruiters to contact you w/out reading your resume?

I get contacted by recruiters on a daily basis (with the exception of weekends). The overwhelming majority of them will refer me to a position that's barely even related to what I do for a living.

I'm pretty sure what they do is pick a keyword from my job title and then pick a role they've had difficulty trying to fill that they figure might be at least tangentially connected to what I do, and which might potentially have a slight chance of being something I'm qualified for or interested in.

The reason I'm convinced this is the case is because I got a referral from a recruiter for an architectural engineer role, and I have the term "software engineer" in my job title

At this point, I should probably just block all unknown numbers

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  • Recruiters are so desperate to make a placing today that they grasp at any straw to see what’ll stick.

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  • i need my dump gutted and rebuilt

    call me

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  • The stupid ones do that... and their desperation and self interest shows.

    The best ones read your resume and will ask you more about what you are looking for in life when they contact you.

    As an example: I prefer to live in a small city below a certain size. I'm not interested in living or working in large cities. I also like 4 seasons, and while I might change to 3 seasons... I'm not living where I need air conditioning most of the year. Other factors come into play as well.

    Most people have their own personal desires about where they want to live and work - beyond just the kind of work they would like to get.

    The best recruiters know that... and will ask those questions to be able to find you a good match.

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