Is it normal for people to forget their excitement/passion for life?

This is something that I have come to notice as a result of growing up myself, I'm 23 btw.

I feel like most people have the same perception of life when growing up. A perception that is motivated by what life has to offer, the excitement of taking advantage of all the opportunities life provides and pursuing these opportunities/passions to achieve a goal(s). However, it seems to me that once people reach a certain point in life they resign themselves to the fact that life is not what it seemed when they were younger (let's say <23). In other words, the reality of life beats them down, they realise that they will probably end up working a job that they dont enjoy, enter relationships that are ultimately toxic and realise that these 'opportunities' that once seemed so available do not present themselves as easily as they thought it would. Now let's take naivety out of the question and assume that everybody understands that hard work is how you achieve individual success in life. My point is that I feel I am experiencing what others feel as they grow up. I'm at a point in my life where I am reflecting upon this and trying to understand how to deal with it as things have not worked out so smoothly for myself. My question is... should I continue to grind like fuck to achieve my individual success under the premise that it will eventually pay off? Or should I resign myself to being happy with what I have like many of my friends and family feel because things never seemed to work out the way they wanted it to.
Lots of honest responses please, this means a lot!!

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  • When we are young and presented with ideas of what the perfect life means, we honestly believe that will happen to us. Especially if we had a good childhood instead of one where some drunken step father got drunk all the time and beat the kids with a bull whip.

    I have always said that we get the "reality slap" somewhere between age 18 and 22. So, you are just about on schedule.

    But yeah, in the real world we work so hard in return for so little.

    You find out that your "knight in shining armor" or "fair maiden" (depending on if you date men or women) is NOT going to arrive but instead gets replaced by a troll at best.

    You find out that in the real world, no one cares about your academic accomplishments. Most of what we drudged through in school or college is useless.

    You find out that the only time people want to be friends is when they want something. If you are real lucky, one or more of these friends will move into your home then decide they don't want to help with bills nor even get a job. FB is more their priority.

    But yes, life is a bitch, mostly drudgery,

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  • Life has a way of bitch slapping you into reality.

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  • You should just try to not overcomplicate life and find whatever you wanna do and what matters to you most. Maybe take LSD or DMT, that could help you realize what’s most important to you.

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