Is it normal for people at work to not respect me because i'm younger?

Plot twist: 9x out of ten I'm older than them. Why are the employees 25 and up so hard to deal with? Why do they feel the need to say

"You need to respect older people"


"I don't respect younger people"

Why can't we all just get along? The people that actually are younger than them get discouraged and leave the place once that attitude is unleashed on them.

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  • From my perspective, not normal, so I'm surprised this got so many upvotes. The older people I've worked with have always treated younger employees with respect. We're working the same job, after all.

    I got hired into an office job semi-recently with another guy that's between 10-30 years younger than everyone else (including me). There's a pretty constant stream of jokes made about his age, but none of them have been about how he needs to respect his elders or any other bullshit like that. Just light-hearted stuff like "back in my day" and "this happened when you were 8".

    Of course, when I say "older people", I'm talking about people around 35+, most often 45+. If a dude's saying "respect your elders" and he's only 25, that's guy's just a massive, grade A certified douche. My brother used to do that when I was little. They're never joking about it, either, they seriously think being 20-something means anything. It's like a high school senior talking down to a high school junior.

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  • A lot of government jobs are like that in the US. It's a nuisance. It should be about character not about age or anything else. We don't control our age or when we are born.

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  • What's your age if I may ask?

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  • Where do you work?

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