Is it normal for old people to decline in mental capacity

Is it normal for old people to decline in mental capacity, yet believe they are actually smarter? They no longer educate, they barely understand technology (cannot google), rarely read, no longer work - yet they think they are smarter than everyone around them? How?

It is said they are "elders". This is not true in our generation. We are not an indian tribe or obscure aboriginal group. We have databases of knowledge, advanced learning and accelerated tech. Literally any subject you want to study can be done online. They really cannot compare to someone in their 40's that is wise, learned and working.

Why do they still think they are "smart" or deserve blind respect just for being old and grumpy?

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  • My grandmother can use an ipad.

    I look forward to you receiving the contempt you dish out when you're old, frail, and your mind is slowing down.

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  • It's not my fault. But, you're a bitch. When you are old you will complain about young people.

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  • 1) Elder knowledge would be better appreciated as accumulation of innate understanding of the workings of the world, tribes, people, individuals. The sort of knowledge that cannot be described by bits and bytes. It is not at all like your "modern knowledge" which, believe it or not is self limiting. You hold a pathetic and painfully uneducated view of our/your world. Your epistemology of the world didn't start on the day you were born, for god's sake. Your bits and bytes world is actually an accumulation of that innate knowledge...your world would never have evolved without the accumulation of innate knowledge. Or did your generation actually invent the wheel?

    2) We, all humans, ARE tribal peoples. Your lack of knowledge of "elder" demonstrates your limited education. There is so much for you to learn. Can you? Or will you carry your poisonous bigotry into adulthood?

    3a) We know that PERSONALITY is stable over the life span; barring a major psychological event personality does not change. The colloquial truth is: "Old people don't GET grumpy; rather, GRUMPY people get old". So, you already ARE who and what you are...and will be. Scary, huh?

    3b) We also know that the human brain continues to create new neurons, dayly, which is engenders new learning. Yes, learning continues throughout the life span, Even for us "old fuckers". (Oh, how I wish you had been in one of my university classes. What fun, eh?)

    4) Finally, THE IS NO DISEASE THAT IS CAUSED BY AGING. Not even a dementia (of which there are more than a few). Not any more than getting the chicken pox is caused by being 5 years old. When you're 70 and forget where you put the car keys, it's for the same reason you forgot when you were 20. Now, if you don't know what the keys are FOR, then that's a different situation.

    Goddess! I so wish you'd been my student. You would have gained some real knowledge....I promise you. (sjpd359 is a retired professor of Psychosocial Gerontology. Hmmmm, I wonder what that is?)

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  • You Chico have no respect, no morality! If you want respect you've got to take it.

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  • Because older people are full of life experiences that one cannot get from reading about it online.

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  • I know you will find this difficult or impossible to believe, but some of us older people don't actually need a lot of technology (or in some cases any) to live fulfilled and happy lives. The result is that we have time to care for our grandchildren while their parents are in the workforce and if anyone is interested, pass on skills and wisdom which only comes with age.

    The fact that you apparently believe ability to use technology is a measure of someone's worth just proves how narrow and immature is your view of the world and other people.

    Your last sentence is just ridiculous and brings out my grumpiness, but I don't expect blind respect for that.

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