Is it normal for my sister to put her boogers on the wall?

My sister is 13 years old and a little awkward. For my entire life, I have always known her to be rude. I love her more than anything, but she is completely disgusting sometimes. The number one issue I have is her putting boogers on the walls. Sometimes we (as in my family) find them on the couch, toilet, bed sheets, etc. She has never admitted to it, but we all know it is her. It is obvious that it is her, and we have tried to solve the problem but to no avail. Anyone have experience with this and/or could help?

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  • It's not normal at age 13, and it is disgusting. That's something that more a 3 or 4 year old does. You need to get on her case and get your parents to get on her case to stop that and get her to realize that it's an unacceptable and disgusting thing to do.

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  • Autism and OCD?

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  • Weird!

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  • It's fun to roll em and flick em.

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  • My older sister does this too! Prepare to be disgusted. First of all she rolls it into a ball then she places it anywhere she could get her hands on i'm like "eww can you not why can you just eat it or wash your damn hands" but tbh i eat mine so yeah thats why i said eat it. But I know how you feel shes exactly like my sister.

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