Is it normal for my 60 year old stepdad to go barefoot in public?

My stepdad is 60 and wears skinny jeans with holes and frayed bottoms and goes barefoot in public. I’m talking like wal mart and the bottoms of his feet get coal black. It would be different if he was my age but at 60 he should be embarrassed.

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  • I never go barefoot in public except at the pool, or the beach.

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  • can i ask why he doesn’t wear shoes?

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  • i’m concerned that you think this would be normal at any age 😂 a guy in my neighborhood walks around with no shoes. i’m sure he gets looks all day

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  • I'm surprised they let him into the store like that. Sometimes there's glass or other particles on the floor and the store doesn't want to be liable for any injuries.

    I don't find anything wrong with going barefoot, personally, but he might want to keep some sandals handy for certain places.

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  • He should be wearing shoes. A lot of places don’t allow you to go in if you do not have shoes on anyways.

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