Is it normal for military vets to act like this?

I talked to some other veterans who had gotten higher scores on thier asvab. Right now im trying to get in but haven't finished process. I got a 50. I thought I ask other veterans on sociol websites or that I met in town for pionters. However when they asked what my asvab score was I told them. This ended with them shaming, blocking or stopping all association with me. I didn't realize it mattered so much. I did not go to the best HS and after being out for a bit didn't retain most of what I learned. So I studied to relearn some of it.

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  • Military is full of different personalities. Its normal for some to be dicks.

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  • I got an 84 got put into intelligence. 50... good enough to be a high grade grunt, engineering?

    I've known people to get in with a 15 on the asvab (13 in bare minimum for army grunts)

    Millitary we are dicks to everyone especially for people getting in because if you cant handle our flak bootcamp is going to be a bitch to you.

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  • Become a librarian.

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  • You have to find your "thing". Is there anything you are really good at it just that really interests you ? I'm the Navy there is plumbers, welders, firefighters, there is the ops. The radar techs the sonar techs, there is something you can do between Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or National Guard. Don't give up. And like someone said, don't get upset by the verbal smack downs. Boot camp they will call you everything but a human to try and break you. Stay strong.

    If you want to see what things COULD be like.? Look up the Navy Seals training. That looks like a brutal bitch.

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  • Is 50 good or bad? Either way, don't worry much about what they think.

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