Is it normal for me to have done this over the years

Short n simple....

Since leaving school.. in 11 years I've lived in 4 different places and had bouts 8 jobs...

Is this normal or not??

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  • Me: one job, 36 years, lots of travel, temporary assignments in foreign countries, ever increasing responsibility for technical leadership. Made bank, invested well, retired early. Now I read, pursue hobbies, and fuck off as the spirit moves me.

    An unexpected retirement highlight was IIN. During my career, I avoided people like all of you. That was too bad. The diversity of life is a good experience when your reference group includes pervs, fuck ups, and people with personality disorders that are happy anyway. This place is kind of a party. I like it here.

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  • I was very much like that in my youth as jobs were plentiful then. I worked in a bakery, Building company, van driver, self employed musician in a band and green grocers, all before I was 20 years old. I then settled down and went to college and then a career. Keep going, something will turn up for you.
    All the best.

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  • Seems normal as long as you're able to take care of yourself throughout it all.

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  • Sounds normal to me. Ive had 3 jobs but lived in the same place for the last 12 years since i graduated hs.

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  • ive had the same job since 94 but in dozensa different places levels paygrades and companies

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  • It looks better on a resume to have a few jobs you held down for a few years. My first job was in the field I studied and I was there for two years before moving on. Made valuable connections and all my experience is relevant to wherever I apply.

    Then again I'm lucky my parents didn't toss me out the house at 18 like a lot of people apparently experience in certain other countries.

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  • it's absolutely normal to live in a lot of different places and have a lot of different jobs. i plan to do the same thing

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  • Not long after finishing my apprenticeship I took up contract engineering work. The average contract was 6 to 12 months and specialising in aerospace took me all over the place.
    A great life with bags of variety and a good chance to skip the office politics!
    So yes I did live in many different towns and worked on many sites, retired now (71) have been for three years, actually miss it!

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  • Shit. I’ve probably had 20 jobs. I’m always down to move on.

    But I’ve only lived in one place on my own.

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    • I’ve had loads of jobs too, yet to find my niche I guess. This July I’ll celebrate one year at my current one (hopefully), my first ever jobiversary at 24.

      I lived alone once too and hated it, I creep myself out when I’m by myself too much.

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