Is it normal -for brother to look

growing up me and my brother were close,and did things,and he seen me nude a lot-but when my mother had a the talk with me--I made him stop.but now he is always trying to see me nude.

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  • Its totally normal - its just a guy thing! When u say u did things, what do u mean though? Sexual stuff? If so thats why he still wants to see u naked! If u used to do stuff before then a talk from your mum isnt exactly going to stop any feelings or desires you had together with him. Ax

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  • Well tell your mother about him. And what sort of things did you two get up to?

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  • Totally normal. I eyed up my hot older sister, naked, very often, as she was comfortable with her body around me and would be naked getting ready to go out at night. I'd talk to her in the bedroom or bathroom as she did her hair or picked out clothes, and she wouldn't be wearing a stitch of clothing. Maybe her short bathrobe, but, that was open.

    Funnies thing was, she and I did this all the time, without anyone knowing. Yet, if we were at the kitchen table and sister's robe top was open even a little, so could see bare tits from the side, my mother would tell her to cover up, and be all annoyed that sister was possibly showing me so much from where I sat. Never knew I saw hot sister completely naked all the time. It became a fun thing for us, seeing what we could get away with in front of people.

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  • My brothers are all pervs lol so I think it's normal. But assert yourself and tell him to stop ... that worked for me.

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  • if he's actively going out of his way to see you naked then ya I'd say that's not normal but if you're around the house wearing little or you leave you bedroom door open when you change or whatever and he stops and stares, stuff like that I'd call normal. Brother or no he's still a guy.

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