Is it normal for a woman to go out to dinner knowing she's gonna yell at you?

She's already kind of pissed at something but you hope her mood will lighten up once you're at the restaurant. No, she's still pissed and starts making a scene, raising her voice too loud and stuff. Why would someone go to dinner ready to be pissed off?

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  • I got that from my wife and just walked out. Don't take that crap or you'll be a doormat the rest of your life.

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    • This reminds me of something that happened in the early weeks of my relationship with my wife.

      I was staying with her in her home town, and she arranged to meet with some of her former colleagues where she previously worked. I agreed to meet them (basically, she was showing me off), but we agreed that that I'd leave them to chat and catch up for half an hour. I left the building and waited, but when nearly an hour had passed and she still hadn't shown up, I headed home.

      About fifteen minutes after I left, I got a phone call from her; she was shocked that I'd left. I wasn't angry or disappointed or anything, but just calmly said that we'd agreed to something, she hadn't stuck to it and so I'd done what seemed sensible.

      It wasn't a huge thing, but I do think it helped set the tone of our relationship: if either of us agrees to do something, we do it.

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    • Maybe you did something to upset her.

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  • It's possible her annoyance was justified, but her behaviour in a public place was not, and I wouldn't have tolerated it. If I had been in your position, once she began berating me I would have suggested that we draw the meal to a close immediately and leave so we could talk about it. If she insisted on staying and persisted, I would have figured out how much my part of the meal cost, put the money on the table and left.

    What she did was simply rude. Not only was it disrespectful to you, it was very disrespectful to everyone else in the place. Maybe she's one of those people who gets a buzz out of high drama. Maybe she has anger management issues. She's definitely someone who has little respect for strangers, less for you and very little self-respect too.

    Regardless of anything else she might bring to the relationship, this is not the sort of woman I'd chose to spend any more time with.

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  • I think she at least shouldn't go to the restaurant if she's gonna be in that bad mood, and keep your conflicts in private. She may actually have a reason to be angry, but in that case I would have canceled the meeting. Both to not bring the conflict to public, and because none of you will be enjoying that time anyway so its a waste. If you paid for her (I'm not saying men should have to pay in general) then your doing her a favor as well which would make it very ungrateful and unreasonable to yell at you there.

    I think she did it for revenge

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  • Because you like to be humiliated and yelled at, and she knows it

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  • Man or woman if someone is pissed off it is foolish for the other person to assume bringing them to a public place is going to guarantee they won't still be angry. Avoid that if you can or keep your fights private, silly.

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  • Just say nothing and stare in response, she’ll only embarrass herself.

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  • I assume she does this sort of bullshit a lot? Ya'll need to communicate more, honey! Does she track her menstrual cycle, maybe she ought to start?

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