Is it normal for a 19yr old marine to still be friends with high schoolers

So I am a 15 year old sophomore girl, and last year I met this guy, we became friends. He then graduated and went into the marines. A couple months ago he started texting me again and now we're just having normal conversations. I think he liked me last year though, he would always be protective of me and call me cute etc. Now when he talks to me things haven't changed much. I think he talks to one other person from high school but that's it. Is it normal for him to have a crush on me? Is it even normal for him to still want to talk to high schoolers?

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  • Nothing wrong with that..Only a few years difference. I coached girls softball when I was only 22, and some of my older girls became not only players, but, friends, or at least, friendly. I gave a few a ride sometimes (one even called the front passenger seat "hers"), and we were fine with it. I genuinely liked, as young women, a few of them. Most became very beautiful women, and I saw it early on.

    I actually reconnected with a few online, and we've caught up. Still get along well and, now that it's more appropriate, age-wise, may meet up for drinks. Maybe more.

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  • yeah he is still a teenager

    and some people get along better when younger people

    my friend is 5 years younger than me

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  • yea its completely fine. hes only 19. thats only a 4 year age difference

    why is this so out of place to you?

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  • Just saying hi to old friends... NO FURTHER THO

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  • Yes, it's normal to talk and be respectfully platonic friends together. However, it won't be normal if he decides he wants to pretend to date you and starts trying to get in your pants. If ya'll like each other I think it would be okay to date after you turn 16 with the express understanding that there is to be no physical intimacy until you turn 18.

    Sorry, if I'm jumping the gun a little there, girl.

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    • she can date at 15 if she wants

      why do people think this is so wrong?

      what is wrong with people?!?!

      its like the brainwashing is too strong with these ones

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      • They have a point. If the two dated and had a nasty break up, the 15 year old could easily go to the cops and say he raped her out of spite. (Whether they'd been psysical or not I've seen it happen before).

        Sex with minors= jail and being put on a predator list.

        Not to mention how bad it'll make the marine corps look in the process.

        This needs to stay platonic until she's of legal age. But sure, let's call this 'brainwashing'.

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