Is it normal extremely tense neck muscles

My neck muscles are usually tense especially in the winter for some reason and today I woke up the muscles on the right side of my neck are so tense. I can feel it in my throat a bit since it's along the side of my throat but it's not my throat it's my neck. It's tense all the way down my right shoulder so it feels like I have a weight on my shoulder weighing it down and like said weight is tugging at my neck. It's all very tense but it does not hurt.
I have tried to find explanations and I have strained my shoulders a few times before because im weak but never badly except one time 5 years ago when I strained my right shoulder and it immadiately hurt so much my eyes teared up but when I finally got to see my physio 2 weeks later he said everything seems fine nothing torn or anything because I had normal range of movement. Thats the only culprit I can think of. Then there's the fact that I suffer from anxiety but it seems unlikely to only be caused by anxiety when I wake up with extreme tension because I dont think im anxious in my sleep... Then there's the fact that arthritis runs in my family and i've had some early symptoms, maybe it could be a neck arthritis or something. Last thing I could suspect is my terrible posture. I sleep on not even a regular pillow either but just a random flat pillow because I like sleeping almost entirely flat, and I sit weirdly in chairs except in public but i'm mostly at home so pretty much all the time I sit in weird positions lol. I only tried to fix my posture once in high school when I strained my back and had to suffer with that pain for like 3-4 months and was adviced to be mindful of my posture while it heals. As soon as I was better I stopped caring because it was so uncomfortable to force a better posture.

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