Is it normal eating out is kinda gross due to used utensils and glasses

I always think about how disgusting it is to use glasses and utensils that other people have used. It nearly makes me gag when I see people in restaurant lick their fork or knife or spoon that anyone couldve had in their mouth or puked on. I have to block out the thought that other people have used those things before me otherwise I could never eat anywhere. Glasses are almost grosser though. I am very peculiar about glasses which people have had their mouth on. If I go to someones house and they hand me a glass that has a single stain on it I wont touch it, I dont care if they claim its clean. Wipe it better then.
I could never buy mugs or glasses in a thrift store either, only for display in that case. Same with anything else that you use for food or drinks. It nearly makes me gag to just think about. Humans are so gross. Its like when my ex wanted to take a sip from my bottle or taste my food. I cant believe people find that acceptable, it contaminates the food or drink immadiately. Its so gross I want to puke. Peoples like salvia and breath and skin particles and stuff... I wish I could live with animals only.

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  • Sometimes the plates used at buffets have crusty dry food particles on them when they should be clean.🤮

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  • Get this, sometimes I accidentally drop utensils in the trash and I have to fish em out. LOL

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  • It's normal, however, I do like to drink from a clean glass, it would be nice if they washed these things in the dishwasher, but the result is that the cutlery and crockery's nearly clean (when you want it really clean).

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  • I never had this problem, but the way you describe it made not want to eat out again.

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