Is it normal eat beef jerky and mew?

I have always hated how narrow and weak my jawbone is. It is completely wimpy, no heft, no angularity, and poor tongue posture has also fucked up my nose and cheekbone development. So I've been mewing and eating beef jerky in hopes that it will make my jawbones stronger. I think that the reason so few guys want me to go down on them is because my face is just so ugh and is lacking the kind of virility that a healthy male face should have. is it normal to eat beef jerky and mew in order to get a jawbone worthy of a hot boyfriend?

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  • My profile has a guide for this sort of thing. As for your homosexuality, I'd recommend taking anti-parasiticals like wormwood and ivermectin.

    Being gay isn't a choice: it's an infestation.

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