Is it normal during lockdown to be turned on by things i never liked before?

This is the longest I’ve gone without having somebody put something inside me since I became sexually active, and it seems like the longer it goes the more depraved my thoughts become. Anal was never something I was interested in, I did it a few times to please my partner and it was very meh for me, but now the thought drives me wild. I’ve always considered myself straight, I’ve never done more than make out with other girls and even that was more for a guy’s benefit than anything m, but now anytime I see an attractive woman on TV or the Internet I get extremely turned out thinking about doing things with them. Hell, the other day my brother changed his shirt in front of me and I was like...damn. I’d never, ever looked at or thought about him like that at all but it definitely crept into my mind that night.

Is anybody else under a lockdown/quarantine/stay at home order feeling the same way?

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  • Honestly, use this lockdown time to reevaluate what you truly find to be fulfilling. If it's just out of a sense of frustration, then this will definitely pass. If you're seeking more of a sense of adventure, maybe you'll want to try out some of the acts or fun with the people you described. Nothing should be put off the table, because if it honestly makes you happy, that's what you should run with, and it's hard to know until you've at least tried it a bit. Personally, I'm very experimental with my finacé, and so lockdown hasn't been a bore to me at all. Quite the contrary, it's given us time to try even more ludicrous things that normally wouldn't have time to perform or setup, so honestly, now is the time to indulge in that weird fantasy you've always had. Feel free to message me if you have more questions on what I mean, or how to achieve this.

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  • Boredom?

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  • I notice for me when I'm not as physically active i get more horny. If im working 12 hour shifts then jogging afterwards i dont get very horny. But if I rest for 2 days I do.

    Maybe because ur locked down your libido is way up because you're well rested? Idk, just a thought

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  • It’s normal that you are feeling lonely and want to be intimate with someone. Just try emotionally connecting with them through FaceTime or Zoom to get your mind off sex. :)

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  • I wouldn't know. I've still been working days and nights the whole time, so I haven't been on any sort of lock down. But if I was, I still have my man who is more than satisfactory.

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  • I'm completely opposite. I am normally depraved and I have barely even thought of sex for most of the lockdown.

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