Is it normal dental xrays really hurts my mouth

I went to the dentist friday last week and I have a small wound on the inside of my mouth and it hurts. I told the dental nurse that she was hurting me with the xray camera and the short bitch said "just bite down and it wont hurt" and it hurt more when I bit down but the dense bitch didnt care. The xray camera has always triggered my gag reflex but not nowadays because I had a very nice dentist a few years ago who explained to me how to relax and breathe so you see how well it goes when the person doing the job isnt a fucking unhelpful bitch. They usually pick the camera meant for children but this bitch i'm pretty sure used a regular xray camera. I dont know for sure because I didnt want to tell her to go get one for children you know but it felt really like it didnt fit. The xray camera always cuts into the inside of my mouth in a painful way regardless but this time it was extra bad and especially on one side my mouth where I still have a sore especially from when I bit down to keep the camera in place.

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  • That's got to be a bitch when they put that big as camera in your mouth.

    All the dentist I've used put a little piece of hard cardboard with film in it or a small plastic piece for me to put between my teeth. But either way the camera stays on the outside.

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  • radiation.

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    • Radiation is not dangerous for a few seconds once a year. And it was the camera itself that cut my mouth 😑

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