Is it normal dares/challenges

Set dares for the other is it normal users. Post back if you've done them. The best ones are harmless, inconsequential and deliciously weird.

Please don't suggest:
*Anything that could get the person arrested.
*Anything that could put anyone in danger or damage their health, relationships or professional reputation.
*Anything that involves sexual activity.

DARE #1: Go commando (under your trousers/skirt) to an appointment, meeting or job interview. Do NOT let anyone know. Just sit there smugly in the knowledge that you are wearing no underwear and that absolutely NOBODY has a clue.

DARE #2: Give money, food or the pleasure of your conversation to a person begging on the street then ask if you can take a selfie with them.

DARE #3: Make an origami animal and give it to a random stranger while you're out.

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