Is it normal bruises hand and pain no injury

Now for weeks my hand and arm had hurt and is bruised. Ive been xrayed too. I saw a physical therapist last week he said its probably overworked muscles because im weak and have a physical job. I dont believe that is the cause though. I had the same 2 years ago. A nurse told me it could be carpal tunnel then. I did the exercises that the physical therpist gave me last week. I did them twice and now the pain is worse. My bruise is darker and I have weird sensations in my arm like I did 2 years ago. Inside my arm feels extremely cold and elbow tingles. My hands are usually very cold but now it is like the cold hurts me and even burns. My skin feels very sensitive to any touch. Wearing the orthosis I wear to get less pain even hurts my skin when I put it on very lightly. My skin is just very sensitive. Is this carpal tunnel syndrome? I am unsure because I didnt know that could cause bruises. I feel very worried. My skin feels so sensitive I want to cry and warming my hand helps but my hands get cold so easy all the time and it is winter, its very cold. It really hurts like my skin is burning. Please if anyone experienced this tell me what you did.

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  • They could be unrelated. I use to hit the wall in my sleep and would get weird bruises. But perhaps you have an iron deficiency and carpel tunnel. Or maybe just a pinched nerve. My go to for muscle pain is a good calcium/magnesium supplement.

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  • This is a weird place to ask. I doubt anyone here knows. Your condition does sound like carpel tunnel but I'm not a health specialist. I don't think it's normal though that you bruise seemingly randomly.

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