Is it normal boyfriend said he wants to worship my butt?

My boyfriend’s parents stayed at a friend’s house last night so naturally he invited me over, I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to worship my butt. I just laughed and ended up not going over there but I’ve been thinking about it all night. Can someone tell me what that means? And is that normal?

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  • Must have a nice ass.

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  • Yes it is normal and you can facesit him and demand to lick you down there

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  • so is tithing gonna be a thing?

    is he gonna put 10% of his income in yalls butt?

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  • Super normal and super hot. Make sure you clean your butthole good because hes going to want to worship that too

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  • Maybe he just wants to kneel down to your altar, put his candle sick in your holder, and pray to the glory of the almighty God above. Can I get an amen brother.

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  • You should shower everyday for a few days before sitting on his face though. Sweaty ass smells great but only if her ass has been clean before. If you take showers every other day its gonna build up the bad kind of smell. Its hard to explain.

    When the ass smells like armpits its good. When it smells like farts its not good.

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  • Well, in some circles the term ‘ass worship’ refers to the specific act of spreading the cheeks and burying one’s face between them. But if he’s young and/or inexperienced, he may not be aware of that and simply means he wants to give your butt a lot of attention. Rubbing, squeezing, spanking, licking, kissing, etc.

    The best way to know what he means is to ask! Just ask him what he wants to do to your butt the next time he brings it up. He may give you a list of things he wants to do, then you can go through it and tell him which ones you are and aren’t comfortable with. Just remember that you don't have to do anything you don't want to and you're allowed to change your mind about something you originally consented to.

    Either way, yes, it’s completely normal. Butts are a very popular erogenous zone and it’s completely normal for people to be attracted to them.

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  • Your boyfriend must have a big nose. Let him dig out your poop.

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  • Well, here are some things he probably means -

    First you would either be laying on your stomach or maybe bent over. He would rub his nose everywhere on it, I mean everywhere, inhaling the scent.
    He would give your butt several kisses, big and small, once again all over. He would probably playfully squeeze and smack it with his hands... he may want you to sit on his face so your pussy is in his mouth and his nose would be up your ass, he might masturbate or possibly want to "69".

    I know what you are thinking - "what if my butthole stinks?" Well, he is probably aware that it won't smell like a Glade plug-in but that is okay. He will probably enjoy the smell of your ass. I know that sounds weird but some guys enjoy a woman's "scents". I mean as long as they are not overpowering. Like if you just took a huge dump, maybe clean up.

    But yeah, you should let him.

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  • Probably just feels open enough to let you know his lustful desires that seem fixated on ass. Its not a person thats going to gossip about eating that booty to others or anything bad it would be a new experience if anything. just be carefree and enjoy your partner or let them know you arent into it if you try letting him worship your ass and don't like it. Just be open and communicate

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  • Hot.

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