Is it normal a fake birth scene disturbed me more than a real one?

Ok, so I’m a male and will never experience giving birth. With that being said, let me take you back to high school:

In sophomore year we had a health class (which was really just there to tell us all the horrible things that could happen to us) and we watched this one video called “Miracle of Life.” A lot of people were talking about how disturbing it was, and being the edgy person I am I dared myself to watch the whole thing, and I honestly don’t remember any of it, but I remember being totally fine with it.

Fast forward a year later and in English class we read the book Frankenstein, and afterwards watched the movie “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” (the one with Robert De Niro as the monster) and our teacher warned us it’d be gory at parts, and I immediately had to look away at one part where a woman was giving birth (iirc, the screams in that scene were actually WORSE than in The Miracle of Life video!)

How is it that I was totally fine watching a real depiction of something but was too disturbed by a fictional portrayal of it!?

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  • It depends on how graphic the fake scene was. Some real births can be VIOLENTLY gorey if the vagina tears too far. You may have witnessed a fortunate real birth that wasn't too bad.

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