Is it normal a facebook group blocked me for no reason

I was in a instagram engagement group on facebook. Total bitch admins. Everyone had recieved a like back from me and thats the rules. The rules are to like everyones post and post a clean link and of course that the admins doesnt need to follow those rules... And guess what, they dont.
I followed all rules from the start but all of a sudden I get banned. I contacted one admin and she responded after a week she doesnt know the problem and directed me to the admin who banned me whom REFUSES to even open my DM. In the general rules for the group it said at the bottom that you are not allowed to ask an admin why you got banned because they recieve many messages from people asking why they got banned when they didnt break any rules, hmm wonder why.... 🙄
I was allowed to post again this month so I posted to yesterdays thread and returned all likes I got and guess what now I cant even find the group so obviously i've been blocked.

I noticed lately that a few of the "regulars" in the group were gone, more specifically the women... And they hadnt broken rules either and were very friendly because it's a great way to make friends via a group like this if you want to.
I smell jealous female when it comes to the main admin, for kicking random women like this from the group.
I've never been blocked from a group before. I'm not exactly a rules-breaking or controversial person and I was kinda just looking for a positive instagram community and hyping each other up and that's what it's been until admin blocked me. Anyway I sent a last message to the main admin how unprofessional I find her, then I blocked her because I have no intention of returning.

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  • Fuck those people and fuck facebook!!!

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  • i dont use the site but if its anything like reddit you probably got stalked by a "neckbeard to female" trans woman who found some scientific facts about sex/gender on your profile. does this 'female' happen to have an anime profile picture?

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  • I had the same thing happen to me with a horse bit information group. I don't recall ever even being very active on there other than reading, definitely didn't do anything controversial or break any rules, and next thing I know, I'm blocked out of the blue. 🤷‍♀️ Oh well, if a group is run by people that petty and strange, it's probably for the best. Sometimes the trash takes itself out, you know?

    Honestly, from the few Facebook groups I've been a part of, I've noticed that there tends to be a lot of drama and cattiness. I've quit participating in them for the most part.

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  • Meh you probably didn't need a circle jerk group anyway. There are better ways to be happy.

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  • I can't even count how many times that has happened to me.

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