Is it normal 2 of my evil wishes came true

I used some of my crystals and stuff to curse 2 people who failed me in the last 2 years. I am spiritual but I dont really believe in these things okay so I did it for fun and I guess likely the stuff came true by chance but its a funny story for me.
I wished one guy would be abandonded by his favorite friends for failing me as I knew that would really sting and push him down to rock bottom. They were extremely good friends so chances were slim but not long after they abandonded him. Him getting abandonded is something that never happens either. He is well liked.
I wished another guy would lose his job and the affections of his new cat because he left me so easily and I liked his cat. He is very materialistic and loved his well paying job where they apparently liked him so much that when he did want to quit once because he wasnt happy with what he was doing they gave him a new position so he would stay and he was very smug about how well it was going for him and liked to lowkey brag about it. I reconnected with him a little this year and found out he lost his job and he's been forced to move back to his hometown and work a shit job lmao and he was also forced to give away his cat. He sounded very unhappy.

I know, its probably just chance or karma in the works but I find it hilarious that exactly what I wished came true. I guess I should start buying lottery tickets next.

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  • Jesus christ that's spiteful.

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  • I wish for you to write a post that's coherent. It'd be nice if that came true.

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  • It can happen. I recommend some self reflection into why you are doing this. Perhaps you were hurt because they left you, but people also tend to leave someone who has a spiteful demeanor. Also doing this will eventually come back to you. In the end you do not benefit from cursing people and it often comes back to the person who curses others. There may have been reasons these people behaved the ways they did in the first place as well, such as their behavior could have been induced by another curse in the first place. I've been around people who do witchcraft and there is often a spiteful attitude of cursing a person whose behavior was due to being cursed in the first place. It's not a healthy mindset to be like that and I hope you find a more spiritually positive future.

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  • If the spirits are happy to grant needlessly cruel wishes just for the pleasure of someone who happened to have a few crystals handy, for no discernibly good or at least meaningful reason, then I stand by my decision to have no truck with them whatsoever.

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  • I wrote the name of a guy that bullied me in school in my death note. And then I found out he's been stabbed to death. Yes this actually happened.

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