Ignoring women is fun,

I love ignoring women period this makes them crazy When a beautiful woman tries to tease me or ask me for a Drink I always say no thankyou to all your requests or not interested or Just plain no. They go crazy or try harder the prettier they are the more I say no. Then they ask me if I am gay I say no I am just not interested in you. But you do not know me they reply to which I say an I wish to keep it that way lmao.
I love destroying the Bimbo she is fragile and her egos
Demolished and they get either real upset like a cry baby lmao or get very angry which I then reply finally you showed your pathetic true colors now go away you are boring me lmao.
I am proud to be a mgtow monk forever

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  • Funny how, according to themselves, every self-proclaimed MGTOW-er is an irresistible Casanova. It's just such a pity that you've taken yourself out of the game, hundreds if not thousands of women will be humbled and miserable knowing you'd turn them down

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  • and each time you do everyone claps, right?

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  • I can't say that all women are pathetic whores out for a quick buck, but it sounds like those are the ones you're dealing with there.
    Any attractive female trying to go out with you out of the blue is probably just out for a quick buck, or some cheap sex.

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  • I love upsetting these so called women by just ignoring them completely it really does trigger them lmao.
    They usually say oh you think you are so funny.
    Which I reply yes I am very funny now go away you are boring me.

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  • Eh, I’ve done it.

    I don’t feel a whole lot about it at the time though.

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