If you were king of the world

If someone crowned you king of earth tomorrow and said FIX IT what would you do? Just for fun imagine in this scenerio you can not be all Mr Freedom and abolish all laws and say "do what yall want" in this scenerio you have to be authoritarian.

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  • Focus on education - Encouraged higher education for everyone.
    If you flunk out consistently, you will be assigned a job.
    No slackers living on welfare. Be smart, invent stuff, be a success! Stupidity will not be tolerated.

    Sexuality... Be whatever you want to be, as long as it's legal. But, NO children grooming!!! If you are a fucked up individual and tell your son he can be a pretty princess, or tell your daughter she can be a buff dude - straight to prison.
    Raise your female child as a girl and your male child as a boy. After their 18th birthday they can decide what they want to be.

    More taxes for the super rich, it makes no sense having people with too much money to count and people starving and lacking basic necessities.
    Especially for people who contribute nothing to society like influencers, kardashians and the like...
    If you're someone like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or whatever and built your wealth upon the products/ services you provide - power to you.
    Your taxes will be adjusted to the amount of good you do. Give away a lot of money for research and science - you pay less taxes.
    Buy golden yachts, clothes with diamonds in them, golden toilets and 6 million dollar whiskey - pay a lot more taxes.

    No more prisoners serving life sentences... Prisons should reeducate and reintroduce problematic people into society. Those who can not be reintegrated are not needed. Death sentences for very serious and violent crimes.

    Ban coal! We're not in the Victorian period, riding in our steam trains, gawking at the ladies in corsets, chugging warm ale and watching rooster fights in the weekend.
    Invest in fusion and other renewable energies.

    Make hydrogen vehicles a thing!

    Make supersonic flight a thing... again.

    Integrate AI into governments to simplify and streamline it. No more MPs with gigantic paychecks that do nothing.

    Integrate AI into all areas with bureaucracy. No more pointless workers that do something a computer can do.

    Lower Military budgets. There is no need to fight each other over trivial bullshit like land, oil and other crap. The only military spending will be on spaceships and specialized peace keeping squads.

    Space! Invest lots into aeronautics. Let's make humanity a spacefaring race!

    Work on replacing politicians with AI. You can't bribe it, you can't blackmail it, it's job is to keep humanity going in the right direction.

    Mandatory license plates (front and back) for motorcycles, bicycles and electric scooters. If you run a red light, you should pay the price! If I have to pay for a burnt out taillight, so do you!

    Give the AI my position, take 5 million Euro as a paycheck for my services and retire.

    PS: I could think of more if I take it seriously, but that's it for now. Otherwise this is getting too long.

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    • I agree with most of those but "Make hydrogen vehicles a thing!" made me laugh because if you werent king and you tried to sell hydrogen powered cars.... well look what happened to the people who tried it. They all seem to die unexpectedly. The ppl in power feel the world economy isnt ready to run off water that would shake up the entire world order.

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  • Genocide all muslims and SJWs.

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    • Yeah I think another group of people already tried that. History did not look upon that time well.

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      • Nah, the nazis hated jews, who are a good people, and liked/collaborated with degenerate m*slims. 🤮

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        • Who planned on turning on them as soon as their war with the west was over.

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          • If that's true, I'd support their decision on doing that. But jews don't deserve all the hate and treatment they got, they're productive, civilized members of society.

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            • They are. As other cultures can become if they have a fire under their asses to become better. No countries populace chooses to live in squalor. It's their terrible leadership with promises and enforcers that keep their head down.

              Insert more moderate muslims into the political structure, wait until all the radicals die off or chill out. Because of economic upgrading and you will see a revitalized nation with more rational thought being mainstream.

              Who would want to die for Allah if your life is going great? would be terrorist join up because their life is shitty, and their proposed afterlife is a marked improvement.

              Bad leadership is the reason why muslim countries cant evolve. Only reason why there is rich muslim counties is because they are blessed with simple material wealth.

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  • Cbf to type out a whole autistic utopian fantasy here but the FIRST thing I'd do is probably abolish the UN, NATO, CIA, state of Israel and then go from there!

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    • As an autist, what the hell is an autistic utopian fantasy? lol

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    • Yessss dude this soundd crazy to ppl but thats not a bad idea. Abolish the ATF too. And make the penalty harsh for government who try to hide things from the ppl by labeling all their dirty laundry "classified due to threat to national security"

      You should have to prove the threat to national security is there. Unelected beaurocrats shouldnt be allowed to hide things from we the ppl. UNLESS they go through a hell of a process to prove it is a legitimate threat

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  • I would get rid of all money and make people do whatever I say for free or they will die.

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  • Probably give my leadership to some of the people in comments here or someone id trust to fix it better

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  • The very first thing I would do is reform prison systems to one of the countless ones that seem to lower recentivism rates. Fuck the shitty system that treats all criminals the same. The weed dealer doesn't need to be punished the same way as the serial killer.

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  • If I was made king I actually would be mostly mr freedom but in this case the first thing id do was change the propaganda on TV. Instead of "do whatever feels good" all over TV it would be more "what feels good takes a backseat to duty" and I think in the end this would actually make ppl happier (hundreds of studies by liberal sources that say conservative are happier than liberals) i would also make sure theres a lot of shame brought upon deadbeat fathers it would not be normalized. You'd be shunned by society.

    Ill come back and post more things id do later

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  • If I were king I will bring back communism.

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  • I'd make it so that I can love whoever I want, and also make it illegal for children to kiss or do sexual things with each other. I'd throw them in dungeons, and behead everyone who tries to stop me, and hang their heads on spikes on my gates to warn off enemies.

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  • Here's what i would do:
    1. Blanket one time wealth tax of 25% on all people with net worth more than 10 million dollars. If you evade the tax, we will confiscate 95% your money and imprisonment of 5 years. (this includes value of all movable/immovable properties, assets and stock)

    2. 0% income tax for those making below $200,000, 10% income tax for those who make below $500,000 per annum. 25% for any amount above that.

    3. Raise minimum wage based on current inflation and prices. (revised every year)

    4. Use wealth tax funds to reverse climate change and help the rest of the population in terms of education, healthcare and job security.

    5. Corporate fat cats who steal public money will be publically executed. And i dont care if they play golf with the president.

    6. Put a price cap on all essential items, aggricultural products, household rent, school and college tuition fees. (this will be revised every year)

    7. Hire the best of the best economists and scientists as advisors to bring positive change to the masses.

    8. If any corporate has a mass lay off, they will have to pay 2 year's wages/salary in addition to other dues upfront to the person being layed off. (not applicable for those who make more than $200,000 per year in cash, perquisites and stock)

    9. Make sure there is affordable housing for the masses. No person should be without a roof above their head. Housing for everyone.

    10. Get scientists to find a cure for all known diseases including cancer. Make the cure available at cost or free for those who cannot afford it.

    11. Families can only have 2 children (biological). Any more than 2, your income tax rate doubles. Adopted children are not included.

    12. Abortion will be legalized for the first 3 months only.

    13. Women and men will be equal in the eyes of the law. If a man cheats on his wife, he will have to pay alimony during a divorce. If the wife cheats, she will pay alimony to the husband.
    14. All narcotics and recreational drugs shall be banned, except for those used for medical purposes.

    15. Ban on all plastic bags and packaging. Use paper bags. We will plant more trees to make up for that.

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  • On the macro scale. Probably keep it the way it is. Simply because its survival of the fittest. You run your country into the ground? It's only natural you should be conquered. But the fun part comes in when you are strategically important to another country and thus get propped up. Just look at North Korea. Being chinas own claymore of incursion on a leash.

    Abolish any country with a dictator (or unofficial dictator) from the UN. If you havent changed your president since in several terms because said president imprisoned their rivals you are a dictator. Invite India, and japan/south korea into the security council to replace china and russia.

    Make countries more reliant on their neighbors through trade, inject industry in raw material countries and create better logistic chains. Invest in more viable foodstuffs in poorer countries.

    Re draw the territories in Africa. This will be a world wide effort. African border disputes and micro nations within nations is an ongoing problem. Group countries together that share religon and philosophy and teach the local population from the ground up how to create a functional educated populace.

    Generally Ban child labor and slave labor. By tariffing the hell out of said labor by making it more expensive than hiring adults with decent pay.

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  • Getting rid of money is step 1.

    Since I own the entire world and all the countries, I order all the old leaders to set up sustainable shipping routes for food. With the ability to distribute all food evenly, world hunger's gone.

    The ending of money probably already stomped most of the corporations, who now have no idea why they're in business, but their infrastructure is still there. I take hold of it and rally as many as I can to take up the reins of using and improving those systems. They won't get paid, but they will receive a few extra amenities to show my appreciation. A similar strategy should also solve education.

    Speaking of appreciation, I also stomped the housing market, but since I own the planet, I'm hiring a swath of old real estate guys to figure out how we can divy up space, solving homelessness.

    Health care may be a more difficult issue, since it's simultaneously hard and hard on the mind, so people may not rush to it the same way they would technology or business. If I can't get enough people to become doctors, I may have to offer them something. It's going to be a balancing act, since I don't want a caste system to arise.

    Lastly, hire a personal trainer who's sole job is to force me to do low-level manual labor. This should help people identify with me as a person and as a coworker and not as a godhead, thereby helping me lead by example and stop the aforementioned caste system from popping up where everyone in my circle is rich and powerful and everyone else is living in squalor. Everyone in my society should be living an upper-middle-class life with free access to food and entertainment, able to do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it.

    Speaking of, technological advancement, much like many other things, is something I think I can make happen through sheer propaganda. Give everyone intrinsic motivation to help out since they now have the time, energy, and ability.

    The only thing I don't have a plan for is racism, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be the main thing holding my world back. Countries who were at war immediately before I took over the world aren't suddenly going to be friends just because I said to be. That's going to need a lot of hands-on work, and I probably wouldn't get it all done in my lifetime.

    I can't control whoever's next elected, though (it will be an election, but only after I'm done, no term limit for me). Hopefully they don't nuke everything.

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    • The money thing wont go away. It's not the problem. Money is simply the medium of value. Everything has different values depending on supply and demand.

      Creating a centralized labor force and thus one big ass corporation has failed numerous times because of regulating supply and demand. Creating no incentive in working unless you ironically make it a death camp for any who dont work or foster a deep hatred to those who dont work.

      Motivation motivation motivation!

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      • I'm not concerned with motivation since people not working is the ultimate goal. As long as that's my goal, money can't be a thing. It's existence enforces winners and losers in the system, since simply giving everyone tons of money leads to massive inflation. And once it's in the system, it can't be removed, especially when neighboring communities are still using it. Not without some crazy fantasy scenario where I can hand-wave it away. It's best for it to not be there in the first place.

        A hatred for those that don't work is actually something I'd try to dissuade, since it should be more similar to how we treat those that don't vote. When you don't vote, people often say you don't have the right to complain, but they (usually) don't burn your house down over it.

        [Below is a detached rant about "supply and demand", you're free to ignore it]
        On the "supply and demand" thing... man, I wish it was that simple. It's not a simple medium of value, since products are inflated or deflated according to other costs on a regular basis. Salaries, stock prices, loans, supply lines, taxes, straight-up extortion, everything is subject to the greater concept of the "economy". You get down to the final product price and it feels more understandable, but then I look at corporation profits vs worker wages and layoffs, the speed of inflation vs the speed of everything else, the national debt, and the mere existence of billionaires in relation to the wage gap and what we think any particular worker or executive "deserves", and suddenly "supply and demand" feels more like the simplified, grade-school explanation that it is.

        As a result, I don't actually have any real idea how we got to that final product price. Remember when we were talking about raising the minimum wage to $15, and there were hordes of people that shouted "but then I'd be paying $15 for a McDonald's burger"? McDonald's is an international brand, so the wages of their lowest-level workers isn't that important in the grand scheme. However, the job itself was subject to supply and demand, so they didn't need to increase the demand with a higher wage. That didn't stop people from parroting that line, though, so the idea couldn't gain as much support as it needed, so the minimum wage never went up.

        Managing a system without money wouldn't necessary be less complicated, but it would need to be done to eliminate the centralization of wealth and give things a real "supply and demand" value.

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        • But then you look at numbers like 88% of American millionaires are self made. And in theory anyone (but not everyone) can become a billionaire. Jeff Bezos worked at McDonalds making minimum wage as well. Then he created a company and a revolutionary system that we all use so his reward was his company stock went up which made him ultra rich. But because of him we can press a button and have food at our door in hours. If everyone was not working I dont think society would progress we would devolve over time.

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    • Who is there to enforce production? If food and housing is taken care of why would ppl go out and build houses and produce goods? Perhaps you'd have to enforce it through threat of jail or violence. People are by nature selfish and wont work without an incentive.

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      • Production would be enforced by the fact that the item doesn't get produced if no one produces it, and the people living closest to the produce would be the most quickly affected by it slowing down. Might have to go with a DIY system for some stuff if it doesn't even out, but enforcing it through law would defeat the point. And like I said, anyone doing government-enforced work would get some extra benefits compared to others. Emphasis on "some", since it wouldn't be "live like a billionaire with hundreds of cars and private jets" stuff.

        Ideally, I would just automate most of this stuff, but I'm taking over a world that's been shackled by not wanting things automated (because "jobs"), so I have to make due.

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        • Im responding to this not to try to be a know it all, I generally am interested in these types of topics and like to bounce my ideas off ppl who disagree

          I see the incentive issue as being a big problem with communist type of governing. Communism on paper sounds great and if it worked would be the best system, but I think ppl look to deeply into saying the systems of today are flawed but its deeper than that. The systems are flawed because PEOPLE run the systems. Humans are the problem. Specifically human nature

          I think if you told them to produce things because no one else will they are gonna be too greedy to care. They are gonna be the least bit productive as they can. The only reason ppl in America are productive is because they get paid more to be. Being productive gets you paid overtime and a chance to move up which gives you more pay. America embraces human nature which makes the system work. Unfortunately with a system like America's there is gonna be winners and losers. But that doesnt mean the "losers" should have to have a bad life either. America should give better lives to those who "lose".

          But again the problem is human nature. If you give ppl too good of a life when they "lose" society as a whole wont be as productive because they wont have as big of a incentive to be.

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          • Nah, I get it. It's a theoretical thread anyway.

            It was actually supposed to more similar to socialism than communism (and I'm not a believer in the theory that they're the same thing, or that socialism is a gateway). I don't like communism because corruption is that sort of system is even more implicit than it is in capitalism, and I wholly agree that humans are the problem.

            I don't think greed would be an issue in my system as much as, uhh... well, in the worst case scenario, I guess you could call it "large-scale starvation because people don't want to farm". The thing about productivity is that it works differently depending on what job you're doing, specifically because your pay is the most important aspect. If you get paid a salary, working overtime doesn't make a difference, so you're not motivated to do any more work than what's necessary to meet whatever goal was set on paper. If you work hourly, you ONLY get paid extra for overtime (and holidays), which isn't actually the same thing as productivity. Theoretically, you could probably get more work done during your regular shift, but why would you do that if there's no reward? The chance for a promotion that may never happen? Money promotes a certain level of productivity, but it can't surpass that level. Progress feels stagnant these days, and I think that's part of the reason why.

            Like I said, I wish I could just have robots doing most things so people being lazy wouldn't matter, but alas. How about this dangerous idea? Find a way to tie the individual's resources directly to average productivity and the problem would potentially solve itself...or cause large amounts of crime. That's something that could easily be done with computers and good (non-human-managed) record keeping. If your quality of life is directly tied to a certain percentage of society getting off their ass, then you will be more motivated to contribute if the resources ever fall below a certain number.

            That's why I think the most difficult things to manage would actually be difficult-to-do jobs, and not necessarily basic necessities like food and housing. Engineers, doctors, professors, and chemists likely become a lot more scarce when you sift out the guys who were only in it for the money.

            Of course, it's also important to remember that sheer productivity isn't the goal here, since there's no longer a race. It's just one planet, Star Trek-style, rather than a bunch of countries, except we don't even have aliens to compete with. Productivity can slow down as long as it doesn't substantially lower quality-of-life.

            Just gotta work towards those robots.

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  • start interviewing people to help me

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