If you met your future self

... and they turn out to be whatever you would consider to be the ideological opposite of who you are now (i.e. if you're a libertarian they'll be a mega-authoritarian communist, if you're a communist then they'll be the fucking monopoly man or something), how would you feel?

Would you trust them? Would you then think that their ideology must be valid, or would you believe your future self to be wrong?

Also keep in mind this doesn't have to be purely political. Whatever you strongly believe in, political or otherwise, they're the opposite.

EDIT: Your future self is also more physically attractive than you

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  • Kill the cunt
    Rob the place
    Go back to my timeline
    Put one them helmets they make the mentals wear on for the rest of my life because clearly I have a brain-damaging clobbering coming my way otherwise

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  • I would call my future self gay and cringe.

    Also the monopoly man comment made me laugh

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  • So opposite me would be a scrawny, gay/trans liberal, communist, car-hating, vegan wimp who's never touched alcohol with no authority, or intelligence... a Loser who watches reality tv, hates and doesn't care about his family, is a backstabbing POS, hates space stuff (NASA, SpaceX, etc), probably rides an electric scooter and wears a summer cardigan (the stupid see-through thing that doesn't keep you warm and just looks like a bit of curtain)
    The type of dork that works somewhere, just to survive and nothing more and his significant other is an obese, introvert male who loves videogames. What a pathetic way to exist...

    If I met such a version of me, I'd give him/ it a smack on the back their head and be on my way.

    I know I've got self-hate issues, but damn... that theoretical version of me, makes me feel like I've not only made it, but I'm actually living the dream.

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  • I'd probably react that same way that guy from Bioshock Infinite reacted: denial of relationship, followed by a round-table discussion with my fists. Or a gun, if he's more attractive than me (which I took to mean more well-built).

    The opposite-me would be a sadomasochist that loves our educational system, approves of both infinite-abortion and "gender-affirming treatment" yet also believes Donald Trump is the savior of mankind, regularly goes out hunting, and loves working long hours as an employee for big business above all else.

    I cannot abide hard workers.

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  • Oh god. In this scenario, I'm a pollution causing theocratic warlord who happens to support total anarchy.

    I'm frankly not sure I'd be able to live with myself if that were to happen.

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  • id be amazed i aint keeled over yet from a dieta raw squirrel meat & whiskey

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  • Interesting, because either way you'd be doubting yourself, whether it's your present self or future self. I think I have good reasons for believing all the things that I do, and I've considered all the opposing arguments but have found flaws with them. So I'd say if my future self believed the opposite of what I do now, then I'd say it'd be because they must've just found it easier to believe all that, even though they'd know deep down that logically there are some serious problems with it.

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  • I’d probably be confused more than anything. I can’t imagine any argument that would turn me against, say, free healthcare but I suppose that’s why this is a hypothetical lol.

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  • Knock them out and wonder what went wrong.

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  • I’d be devastated.

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  • eat them, that means one day you’ll die cause young you came and munched. wouldn’t that be wack??? plus it means one more stupid cow off the earth, you’d be doing yourself a favour. and you know how and when you’re going to die anyway, so who cares about getting caught for cannibalism?? no evidence.

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  • I would just ask myself how I got to that mentality.

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  • I'd probably argue with myself for hours on end, and would assume I had simply given up trying to be myself in order to please others, or had simply changed my mind.

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  • I'm a moderate so I flip to the equal opposite same

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