If you had to be a villain stopping a hero what would you do?

For me, if I was stopping a hero I would have psychic powers to stop the heroes and then have magic powers with super intelligence and stopping the good guys from succeeding.

What would you do if you had villain powers stopping a superhero?

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  • I'd probably want Goku's instant transmission power. I could teleport the hero to another dimension and leave them there to rot.

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  • I would tell him he's tearing me apart and then proceed to ask him about his sex life.

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  • Well, I wouldn't monologue, or explain to any captors how I'm gonna kill them and how they can't escape. And I'm not gonna let gravity decide it!
    I'm not gonna sit and cackle menacingly as the hero is slowly lowered into a vat of acid.

    Heroes in my way will be shot/ sliced and diced/ blown up, etc and then their remains would be immediately sent into the incinerator.

    Also, I'm gonna be smart about my crime spree. I won't try to steal the moon, or turn everyone into monkeys, or any other stupid shit. The goal is power and money and it's gonna involve manipulation, racketeering, kidnapping, extortion, bribes, lobbying, every trick in the book. Hell, most people won't even know I'm the head of the operation.

    And no matter how angry I get, I will NOT destroy the world. What's the point of everything I do, if I'm gonna destroy it all in the end? Who wants to be the ruler of a pile of rocks, left over from a destroyed world.

    Once I've gained enough power and have the resources to create a space armada, humanity is going on a trip to become the dominant species in the galaxy!

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  • I wouldn’t even need any powers, I think being smart and not wasting time is what’s needed.

    From what I see in superhero shows and movies I watched as a kid. The main reason a villain fails is because they don’t know how to shut the fuck up. Like you ever seen a part in a typical hero movie or show where they get captured by a villain and instead of killing the hero, the villain gives a long speech about something like why they are doing what they are doing. And it just gives enough time for the hero to be saved or get out of the trap. Like come on. And if it’s not that, the villain leaves the hero in a trap that is supposed to kill the hero, but the hero escapes after the villain leaves and the villain doesn’t know until it’s too late and they get beat up and arrested. It’s so annoying. Just shoot the hero in the head, no speeches needed.

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  • i would smoke crack

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