If people are comparing putin to hitler, will putin also commit suicide?

Just wondering, I’ve heard some comments and stuff that people compare Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler? Well, if that is correct and that is the case, how would Putin respond if he LOST the war? Would he just end up killing himself and committing suicide like Hitler did at the end of World war 2? I’m just saying, if people think they are similar to each other, shouldn’t that be the outcome? Putin commits suicide?

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  • I kinda feel like Putin isn't the type to kill himself, but I could be wrong. Adolf Hitler is believed to have had Borderline personality disorder so...

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  • Can we not compare Russia's war on Ukraine to WW2? Seriously, they're not comparable, not even close.

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  • Probably not.

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  • hed get fragged by his own people before it came to that

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  • He's nothing compared to Adolf Hitler.

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  • Short answer, no.

    They may be engaging in similar bullshit but they’re not necessarily that alike character wise. And one was a chancellor and the other head of an intelligence agency. Very different backgrounds and perspectives.

    A really good interpretation of Hitler here.


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  • Comparing Putin to Hitler is blatant holocaust denial and absolutely ridiculous. Flat out stupid as hell. Those who say such things should be held underwater until they come to their senses

    I’m a registered Communist, I did not vote for Putin, I don’t even vote for the party Putin acts under.
    Putin is loyal to Russia, he keeps the West the hell away from us, and he pacifies Russian oligarchs. I support the leavings of foreign businesses.

    He has done outstanding things for Russia when compared to where we were in the 90’s. Putin makes no attempt to divide Russians. We do not worry about being sold out to foreigners who would’ve robbed us of everything if not for Putin being a gargoyle at the gate

    Weird to have written this post on Russia’s Day of Memory and Sorrow

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    • I find this to be a very interesting viewpoint. The way the west views Putin is that he has made Russia worse than in the nineties, undoing all the "positive democratic" changes made by the previous leader of Russia. I put that in quotes, because I don't like democracy. Anyway, it's kind of interesting that you think that Putin has improved Russia since the nineties, while the Americans believe that Putin has made Russia worse since the nineties.

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      • Holy. Fuck. No. That’s horrifying that that is what people are told. Russia in the 90’s was an absolute bloodbath. There was absolutely nothing positive about the “positive democratic” changes. We lost everything. Corruption reigned. It was gang leader versus gang leader scrambling to bleed the last of Russia dry.

        In the 90’s the life expectancy for men plummeted to 57. Today it is 68.
        Life expectancy for women in the 90’s dropped to 71 and is now 78.
        The homicide rate in the 90’s hit a high of 48,000 in one year. In 2019 it was around 7,000.
        The suicide rate in the 90’s had a high of 60,000 in one year. In 2018 it was 18,000
        Birth rates plummeted in the 90’s slowly crawling back up.
        The prison population has dropped by 450,000 since the 90’s

        There was MASS gang and mafia activity in the 90’s, I mean getting mugged and killed on the streets in broad day light. Putin is highly praised for his eradication of gangs.

        The fall of the USSR was an absolute shitfest disaster. Everyone lost everything. Our GDP dropped 40%. It only began climbing again after 2000. People lost their jobs, their housing, everything.

        Putin is an authoritarian. Sure. But when you are battling oligarchs, foreign and domestic, you have to be. His authority has helped Russia skip many of the Western poisons. He placed bans on pornography, bans on sexual propaganda, we are prudish in our regulating media and entertainment. We do not have marijuana dependencies. We do not have labor shortages or people dependent on handouts. We do not have a 2-party divisionary political system.

        We do not want him ripped out for a “regime change” western puppet. We do not want to “Westernize”. We are not crying for help, we need no saving, no liberating.
        Russia is for Russians. Putin is for Russia.
        I don’t care if the West wants him gone. I don’t care what the West wants at all.

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        • Yeah, I'm just saying what we're told. The west effectively portrays the president of Russia before Putin as an "amazing liberator" who successfully brought democracy to Russia and accidentally put his trust into the untrustworthy Putin, a mafioso (figuratively) scumbag who has corrupted the Russian government and taken all the liberality out of it, as his successor.

          Interestingly, your description of nineties Russia sounds a lot like the American description of modern Mexico.

          While I do agree with banning pornography and sexual propaganda, what I have been told (by American media) is that Russia has one of the highest prostitution rates of any current country.

          America honestly doesn't have a real labor shortage. We have no shortage of people to work. The real issue is that our current government loves to hand things to people who don't deserve them, and a lot of the businesses have unreasonable minimum employment standards. We also don't really have many people dependent on handouts, either. Most of the people on handouts do not deserve them.

          Though a 2-party political system is a terrible concept; I agree.

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          • Eugh. Yeltsin was an absolute mockery of a leader. He was a horrible alcoholic.

            What I think is so unique about Putin, (and I kinda think this way about Xi too), is he is a rare instance where he actually has a hand over his inner circle and elites. I think this is something that comes with long-held position, a level of fear, and I guess I would agree with his reputation of mafioso.

            In many cases a president/ruler is often just a figurehead, a puppet for ruling circles, bullied by elites and those who are much more cunning and motivated. We even had instances of this during the USSR. This does not feel the case with Putin.

            Russia has a reputation of having some of the most beautiful women in the world. A lot of tourists come here basically looking for sex. Russian men can not afford prostitutes, it’s a tourist thing. I find it appalling, but this is basic capitalism. Marx was clear about prostitution being a direct symptom of bourgeois oppression and the exploitation of women. He explains the capitalist demand for prostitution of proletariat/working class women is a direct assault on the construction of family. I do not believe capitalism and morality can exist at the same time.

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            • That's kind of an interesting thought. Leaders who have actual control over the nobility throughout history have succeeded far more than other leaders, and when they lose that control, they start to fail (hence Britain losing their control over practically the whole world after losing the submission of those they relied on most, like the colonial governments in America, for example). I would agree that it is very good for a leader to have submission of his nobility.

              However, I would suggest that sometimes, it's a bad thing. Particularly if the leader is an idiot. For example, Hitler made a large variety of stupid decisions in WWII, and his generals were like "Dude, no," but Hitler was like, "Yes, this is the way," as he's actively weakening his war efforts. When the leader is good, though, it is certainly a positive.

              Marx was wrong about prostitution being a direct symptom of bourgeois oppression. Prostitution happens because mankind is willing to participate in evil acts for pleasure and/or worldly possessions. Even under a totally government-controlled economy that satisfied everyone's needs, people participating in immoral sexual acts would still exist, and prostitutes would still exist. As long as wealth exists in any form, prostitution will continue to exist.

              It should be noted that I am not a capitalist; I am a feudalist. Pure capitalism, in particular, has been shown to be incredibly detrimental to the morality of the people under it.

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  • Putin will win the war and take Ukraine and all the weapons the USA has gifted them. Russia is making more money off of oil now despite selling less. Their GDP is increasing. Their currency is hitting an all time high.

    Everyone in the west is entering a recession except for Russia. Whether you like Putin or not you have to give it to him he has played his cards well all around. He planned this for a long time. The best way to hurt Putin for the US is to allow Iran and Venezuela to sell oil on the western market so western countries can faze out Russian oil.

    People in the US dont realize just how bad this recession we are entering is going to be. Rough times are ahead.

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  • He'll die of cancer if the internal memos are true. Last ditch effort to make him seem as being a "great" leader in the history books.

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    • Have you seen that new cancer study? A cancer cure is very close. A new study 100% of the patients in the study went into remission. Thats never happened before. Theres a new drug theyre working on.

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      • I heard about that, too, and I'm skeptical. Seems too good to be true and I don't know why it isn't getting more media attention. I hope it's just everyone being as cynical as me and it actually is as effective as it seems, but I'm not holding my breath.

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        • Because it was only 18 people in the study and they're just now starting to study the drug so it is still very new. But even though it was only 18 its never been done before where 100% went into remission and it looks very promising so far. Almost 0 side effects. Theyre about to do a large study.

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