If all humans decended from africa

Why cant I say n!gger?

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  • You can! Do it!

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  • I guess because you're not part of the community that was oppressed?

    You are not closely related I guess

    Or cause you don't look black and are not related to anyone [immediate family] that is, then that's why?

    I mean,, I'm not black, so I can't really speak on this, and I don't know really how to explain, but I just know you can't say it if you are white

    But it is a double standard

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  • You can say whatever you want.

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  • Do it, faggot

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  • Brief history of the african geopolitical field here

    For a number of reasons I exclude Egypt when talking about african resources.

    People who migrated out of the wasteland of Africa became successful. Africa was extremely poor in natural resources available to people before the iron age. Those who did manage to leave and discover the iron age rediscovered africa. Some wars fought over the resources and then trading for manufactured goods became commonplace. The africans lacking the manufacturing ability to make refined goods sold the only leverage they had and that was the prisoners of war that they were keeping as slaves anyway.

    Atlantic slave trade for a few hundred years. When slavery was banned it practically collapsed most of the African economy. As by then the colonies of africa had railways and shipping that could handle moving raw materials from africa to their factories in their countries practical thus further limiting africa in manufactured goods.

    A funny thing you dont hear about africa and why it's so messed up there is because they have so many tribes that refuse to work with eachother. Up to hundreds within a country. That leads to instablibity and further lack of obtaining useful resources and know how to make a functioning country.

    As for nigger. It's a degrading term from when they were classed as less than human.

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