Idk i just kinda feel good lately

Soooo I don't even know why I'm posting this. I've just been reading through my old posts on this about all kinds of issues I had then, and I look back at that period of my life and that version of myself fondly.

I was in an extremely low place in my life about a year ago. Now? Im just kind of starting to feel happy again.. I reconnected with some of the most amazing people I've ever met this year and became incredibly close with them, my self esteem is rising every other day, I've experienced the longest stint to date of feeling consistently good about my appearance after having dealt with what I think was dysmorphia.
I'm moving out to my dream college in a week that I worked and saved up for all year. My family and I have a wonderful loving relationship. I know what I want to do for a living (start a charity among other psychological pursuits) and I improved my drawing skills got a new hobby and just feel happy? It's all so new and refreshing to me part of me is holding back from really accepting the fact that things are going so well. Part of me is afraid it wont last but that part of me shrinks every single day.
Im just sitting on a tram right now feeling actually good wtf!? Hahahaha anyway sorry for the ramble I hope anyone reading this has a lovely day and anyone struggling- know it can get better, use this post as inspiration. Also I hope your day today is a peaceful one, one in which you can at least for a day inexplicably let go of all your fears and worries and just be peaceful much love to all you peoples x ;)

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