I would like to own one of each kind of pencil

There are so many different pencils and I would love to own one of each. I don't want to use them. The last time my sister visited, she used one of my hundred-year-old pencils. I was so angry with her. She bought me lots of new ones for that. Any colour, shape and manufacturer is fine with me. I have a collection of fruit pencils too. They are so cute. SO DAMN CUTE! They have such cute little faces. I luv em

How many pencils do you have?

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  • My wife and I still use pencils for some of our routine minor notes and sometimes for drawing or sketching.

    I also have a stash should they be discontinued.

    I've even got an old fashioned wall mounted crank pencil sharpener; the kind that really works (and is adjustable for many different pencil diameters).

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  • Not exactly normal, but it's pretty cool, dude.

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  • Not even 1. I own a variety of pens though. Ball, bruss, dip and fountain

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  • I own 4 pencils and all of them are left overs from highschool. I just don't do anything that needs them.

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  • I gifted a friend a bunch with pandas on top, now I have none

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  • Rough estimate: 40ish

    A third of them are mechanical, the others are standard.

    I had a teacher remark that if I was in the industry 40 years ago I would have been top notch in architectual or mechanical blueprint drawing. I can draw straight lines without a ruler and with good detail.

    I suck at faces though so I suppose if I didnt I would have drawn some graphic novels by now.

    Now I just draw probably illegal ATF ideas with the intention on making them in the future.

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  • I have like 3 pencils, but your collection sounds pretty cool.

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