I wish i was black woman in the early 90s

I’m a white male but lately I wish I was a black female from the early 90s, particularly 1991.

My overall appearance would be like CeCe Peniston: https://youtu.be/xk8mm1Qmt-Y

If I was one back in 1991 I would frequently wear turquoise jumpsuits. My name would be LaDonna and I would have been born in 1968. I would have 3 children and live in Atlanta.

I think my job would be a backup dancer for music videos. They would be hip hop videos in black-and-white with frequent zoom ins. You’d see me jaming in the background. But I also have my vocal sampled for piano house tracks in NYC during the summer.

But the early 90s were rough. I’m living in an urban area during the height of America’s crime wave and crack epidemic. I’m just trying to make a better with an absent husband who I found out has HIV. Luckily I’m safe.

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