I wish i was a teenager at least 10 years ago

Seriously I get bugged by those elitist kids who think listening to music from other decades is 'cultured' but this time to grow up is literally gross.

I'm not going to be able to have a normal school experience anymore because of kurwavirus, all of our classes are too political too. I mean I don't care what people want to do with their lives, but why should learning about transgender people and white privilege be part of the German curriculum? Why is there an ethnic and lgbt committee? We are told what opinions to form, by everyone, celebrities who think their opinion somehow matters, the media that insults our intelligence, and people my age literally get their news from snapchat.

No one expresses any particular style or individuality, you just have to follow whatever is trendy to be respected, in regards to clothes, politics, diet. It's so annoying- and expensive. Where are the goths?? The scene kids?? I see none.

Interactions are entirely different because people look at their phones so so much, and it's harder to just talk to people face to face without them looking at them. Even watching television there are other screens out.

It's more costly than ever to buy a house, and university degrees are so common they are far less valuable than they were. No, I don't want to learn java!!

And also explicit material online has been normalised, and it is degrading to women, but young girls are told that this explicit material is empowering to them, and 's3x work' like only fans is too, when it's literally objectifying yourself. I don't think people stick around for long term relationships anymore, and misogyny is actually more common than ever, as, (and this is hard to say as a misandrist) misandry. Such a cynical generation. Most people my age don't want children because they don't want to contribute to climate change or overpopulation. It feels like the future already happened and this is the aftermath.

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  • ok but maybe if u stanned loona

    jk i get some of ur points. it's like we're living in a cyberpunk world except the world doesn't look cool. i hate following the news and the real world because of it.

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    • ok if there is an orbit on this post everything is fine <3

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  • I used to wish that I was my young self too.

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