I will become religious

My wife has had many miscarriages we have been trying to have more kids for years. She has become very religious and has a whole community praying for it. She got surgery to try to help. We then tried only one time and it was early way before ovulation. The crazy thing is my 3 year old went up to my wife randomly and said "there's a baby in your belly momma" we said "what did you say?" And he said "Baby in your belly. Babies together." And we looked at eachother in disbelief because we have never told him that babies grow in bellys or that we are trying to get pregnant.

My wife then tried a pregnancy test a few days later and sure enough she was pregnant. Since she high risk she gets blood tests every few days now. The blood test came back normal HGC levels and then few days later it was triple the normal HGC levels (which is the baby making hormone). We thought that was weird and checked google and it said when there is twins you will have double or triple the HGC levels.

I'm gonna be christian if these turn out to be twins.

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