I was kicked out of a hospital and..

My mom was hospitalized on vacation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was due to a chronic medical condition. We were from MD. Anyhow, the hospital security guards kicked me out rather late at night (I was going to spend the night there.) I don't know what was so wrong with me to make them do it.
I got my payback. Instead of staying in Tulsa overnight, I drove to Texas and had a three day fun vacation in Dallas and even spent the night in Arkansas.
The hospital was so worried I abandoned my disabled mother and it cost them a lot to keep her hospitalized unnecessarily for 3 extra days. I even refused for the most part to answer their calls and they couldn't legally discharge a helpless lady until I was back to care for her.
When I did go back for her, a nurse said I wasn't allowed in. I told that nurse, if I am forced to leave again, I don't come back. She quieted up really quickly and I stayed until my mom was discharged a few hours later.
Don't mess with me, hospitals.

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