I want to punch them all in the face

I live in student accommodation. Every Friday like clockwork there's this one group of people who get absolutely piss drunk and seemingly make it their goal to make as much noise as possible from 10 pm til 1 am.

I get the appeal of getting absolutely trashed on a weekend. I myself am a 19 year old hot mess who enjoys large amounts of rum and dissociative drugs, but jesus christ it's like they're intentionally trying to disturb people. They hang out in the hallways playing music and yelling and I feel myself slowing turning into a grumpy old man that wants to tell them all to stop being such annoying entitled cunts.

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  • dick slap them

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  • Welcome to adulthood!!!! Slaps you in the face, doesn't it? The first place I moved into when I was an adult, about a month after I graduated high school, also housed a couple where the guy was extremely emotionally abusive and would have major tantrums like a toddler. The way he would scream at his girlfriend was abhorrent. Yet when I tried to help her, she very sarcastically resisted and blew me off.

    This is normal. They have newfound freedom and are being reckless with it, it's just young adulthood. But yes, it is very annoying! Is there any way you could make a complaint to an advisor or the person who owns the property?

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  • Because violence always solves everything. Whoever heard of talking things out like adults? And reasoning skills? And debate and skills of persuasive talking?? What the hell are you studying? Martial arts?

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