I want to harm myself and i shouldn't over this?

I feel like killing myself because I once lived in a homeless shelter. For about 6 months in 2020. Anyhow, I feel like killing myself tonight over that (I won't, but the feelings are still there).

Maybe it is because I'm afraid my friends will find out? I very rarely think of that time anymore. It is really weird it just came to me tonight.

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  • Everybody has a past. There is no shame in accepting help from people who offer it. It would be like you feeling depressed, because you needed some change at the grocery store, and a stranger gave you some money to help pay for it. If your friends truly are your friends, they'll understand and support you through this dark time in your life. I hope you get better. God Bless.

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  • Congratulations on being in a better place in your life now. I imagine that wasn't an easy circumstance to be in or get yourself out of. You should be proud you got through it, not ashamed you were there.

    Life isn't a sitcom for most of us, people go through things. 2020 was unprecedented.

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  • You shouldn't harm yourself over anything you absolute mongoloid.

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  • Anything, even the smallest thing that keeps you going is important. Don’t let this event that happened years ago bring you down to a state like this. The most important part is that you’re past that and you have people that you care about and that I hope care about you the same way.

    Best wishes, friend

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